3 May 2012 Košice, Congres hall of hotel Yasmin, Tyršovo nábrežie 1, Košice 040 01, Slovakia begining at 8:30 am

prof. Dr. Dr. Marie-Jo Thiel

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prof. Dr. Dr. Marie-Jo Thiel


 Professor, University of Strasbourg (France) ; Director of the European Centre for the Study and Teaching of Ethics (CEERE), University of Strasbourg.

Born on May, 7th, 1957, in Sarralbe (Moselle/France)

Graduate education  
Ph D, Medicine, Strasbourg, 1983
Ph D, Catholic Theology, Metz, 1989.
Habilitation Degree in Ethics and Moral Theology, Strasbourg, 1998.
University Diploma “European Health Politics”, Nancy, 1993.

Professional Employment
Since Sept. 1999: Professor in the Catholic Theology Faculty of the University of Strasbourg. (Before: Maître de Conférences in the University of Metz (F).)
Since Sept. 2005: Director of the Master of Ethics of the University of Strasbourg (F); Director of the CEERE (Centre européen d’enseignement et de recherche en éthique/ European Center for the Study and Teaching of Ethics).  June 11, 2008: First Award for Teaching in Ethics in France

Research activities
Direction of the Research Group «  Bioethics and Religion” (EA 1343); Vice-President of the Hospital and University Department of Medical Ethics (DUHE), Member of the Research Group “Ethics and Human Rights” (University of Strasbourg) ; Organisatrice des “Journées Internationales d’Ethique” (next: 4e  JIE March 23-26, 2011)
Vice-President of ATEM since 2000. President of ESCT-France and member of Presidium ESCT Europe. Member of the Societas Ethica.
Involved in a lot of international research groups, especially in Medical Ethics and Interdisciplinary Ethics (University of Geneva and Lausanne about the elderly, with Amsterdam on “Dying in Dignity; with Fribourg (CH) and Bergamo (I) about cultural rights;

Ethics Committees, Ethics structures
Vice-president of the Board in Ethics in Alsace (Espace de Réflexion Ethique Région Alsace - ERERAL) ; President of the Association Herrade de Landsberg. About Ethics in Alsace”; Member of the Ethic Research Group Saint-Vincent (Strasbourg); member of the Ethics Committee of the Medicine Faculty in Strasbourg; Member of the Ethics Committee of the French Society for thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Member of the Supervisory Board (Conseil de surveillance) of the Regional Agency for Health (Agence Régionale de santé) Etc.

The last books: MJ. Thiel (éd), Quand la vie naissante se termine, PUS, 2010; Medical Ethics Award Maurice Rapin for the book Où va la médecine? Sens des représentations et pratiques médicales. PUS, 2003. Entre Malheur et espoir. Annoncer la maladie, le handicap, la mort. PUS, 2006;  Les rites autour du mourir, PUS, 2008;


European Union and biomedical Research. Which ethics?


While supporting Research and Innovation flagship initiatives, the European Union, also adopted ethical tools to deal with the ethical issues, to clarify the challenges and possibly set or suggest limits. The European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE) is thereby an independent, pluralistic and multidisciplinary body. It promotes dialogue in Europe and with non-European countries relying primarily on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (2000) now included in the Lisbon Treaty. It means that biomedical research is based on mandatory principles such as dignity (and respect for the physical and mental integrity, the free and informed consent...), freedom and respect for privacy, equity and justice (and particularly the rights of the vulnerable) and finally solidarity.

Our contribution revisits these principles and puts them in relation with other European texts, in particular the European Directive on Clinical Trials (Directive 2001/20/EC) and some opinions of the EGE to enlighten this debate. Finally we will see that Europe focuses simultaneously on a biomedical research quality while promoting a respect for those affected by it, and encouraging cooperation and subsidiarity in the direction of national policies (see Article 168 of the Treaty of Lisbon).






prof. Dr. Dr. Marie-Jo Thiel
Professional Address 1
Palais Universitaire
9 Place de l’Université
67000 Strasbourg
T: 00 (33)3 68 85 68 84;
Professional Address 1
CEERE-Faculté de médecine
4, Rue Kirchleger
67085 Strasbourg
Localisation Address
Hôpital civil 1 Place de l’hôpital v Strasbourgu
T: (03) 68 85 39 68.
E: mthiel@unistra.fr
W: www.ethique-alsace.unistra.fr




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